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May 2016

My paintings often explore imagined landscapes. Through abstraction of perspective, form and tone I try to establish an inspirational environment rich in joy of creation and discovery. There are sometimes when familiar or repetitive daily environments are experienced as an unusually new but intimate sensation. This is the very moment that my landscape is created. Sometimes through long meditations, sometimes through short and intense messages, my heart responds to the whispering of surrounding nature and the creator of the universe. To me the landscape as a painting subject is neither a ready-made thing to depict nor a stationary, given scene. Landscape is the active place where my internal and external worlds relate to each other and intertwine within one another. I just hope that encouragements, joys and loves I have experienced at this place also talk to you and inspire you to create your own landscape of the life. 


Group show

November 9 – December 6, 2012
Private view: Thursday, November 8, 6-9 PM 

Rebecca Byrn, Sooeun Baik and George Little 

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The Art Cabin is pleased to present an exhibition featuring work from Rebecca Byrne Soo Eun Baik andGeorge Little.

Rebecca Byrne uses a mixed media of paint, thread and wax on linen canvas. She places her audience withina labyrinth of interior spaces and navigates us through undefined rooms and hallways. Byrnes consistentlyresists the temptation to include objects within her spaces leaving them stark and cavernous but through herlanguage of painting she enables these rooms to feel uncannily occupied. Her range of colour from cool tovivid underpins a hidden dialogue for us to determine. Dusty greys and luminous reds line up effortlessly nextto each other to establish the mood for the environments. Teasing you into a false sense of familiarity withthe imagined spaces, she leaves you poised and wanting more.

Soo Eun Baik’s paintings explore imagined landscapes. Through abstraction of perspective, form and toneshe establishes a surrealistic environment rich in fantasy. Her paintings articulate the transient nature of ourinternal and external worlds and how they can become intertwined within one another so effortlessly. Thetranslucent quality of her medium, watercolour, is vital to her methodology, enabling her to layer and blendthe imagery, mirroring a fragile line between the inside and outside space.

George Little adopts a self-determined but also representational method reminiscent of post-war paintings.He uses a combination of qualities from both Frank Auerbach’s chaotically ordered paintings and SergioCamargo’s geometric surfaces. The distinct abstractions that thread through all of his work give you anillusion of a fragmented space, leaving you grappling with a range of associations from the iconography andmotifs he uses. His choice of a somewhat sombre palette with intensified fractures of brilliant colourreiterates and compounds the disjointed atmosphere. His paintings feel like mementos of imagined times andspaces – an archive of a treasured past.

Each artist in this show chooses to luxuriate in the possibilities and boundaries of abstraction. Although thereis one more fundamental character; they all possess the unique ability to captivate their viewer and resonatewith them a sense of place whether it is fictional or non-fictional. Through each of their own narratives theyencapsulate what it means to understand and reconnect with our own environments.

Rebecca Byrne, Soo Eun Baik and George Little are part of a growing pool of contemporary painters who arebrave enough to story-telling and narrative through abstraction and so far they are being very successful indoing so.

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Show Chelsea 2012 

Show Chelsea 2012

MA Fine Art  Degree Show/ Chelsea College of Art and Design

Both my practice and research explore how the landscape has been constrained in the past, and how it can broaden its palette relation to the nature of painting in a contemporary context. My painting is not on purpose of depicting the natural shaped pattern or mirror image of nature, but more on the aim of exploring the pictorial landscape in between the real and imagined, figuration and abstraction, flatness and depth, intellect and emotion, idea and material reality, light and dark and rise and fall. In other words, my works are about searching for interactive relationships between natural activities and painting activities. Through my works, I wish to communicate the sense of ‘landscape of painting activities’ more than ‘painting of landscape’ with the audience. 

Painting in Conversation

Painting In Conversation:

An International Exhibition of PaintingsMade by Artists on Chelsea's MA in Fine Art

Chelsea’s MAFA is comprised of aninternational body of artists who have all brought with them their uniquecultural, political, and art making values influenced by their respectivehomes. This exhibition addresses the opportunities, unanticipated changes intrajectory, and even difficulties that have come about as a result of theshared intimate environment in the studio spaces with colleagues from all overthe globe. Indeed, the conversations we have in our studios each day-- aboutpainting history, our work, our lives and insights on the world--are proving tobe influential for us and this exhibition showcases paintings that have beenrealized in this context. The works in this exhibition are a visualmanifestation of our ongoing critical dialog with one another, spoken bymanifold painters in manifold tongues. 

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